Midtown’s Artist Studios

A studio is defined as an artist’s workroom. In Houston, Texas, there are artist studios, galleries, complexes, and also collectives. It has been a yearly event in the city to have the Annual Midtown Visions Cultural Arts Tour where anyone interested can have a chance to have a tour in different art galleries. The Art Square Studios is one of the popular art galleries in the city where different artists can create and showcase their own artwork. It is a place where you can find painters.

Aside from the painters, there are also photographers and other artists. In the said studio, there are more than 20 artists having their own artwork such as paintings and different art objects. Through the cultural arts tour, anyone can view and even purchase an artwork that caught his or her attention. The tour takes only half day. So, anyone can surely enjoy their day by visiting even the African-American Museum of Art, Art in the Park-Baldwin Park, Asia Society, Buffalo Soldier’s Museum, Community Artist’s Collective, and so on.

Take a tour also at Devin Borden Gallery, The Ensemble Theatre, Gallery Sonja Roesch, HCC Art and Theater Departments, Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts, Houston Fire Museum,  Inman Gallery, Lawndale Art Center, Midtown Art Center, New Gallery, War Hous Visual Studios, and more. By having a tour in all of these art studios, you will be able to know even the culture of the city. It will be a great privilege to view all of the different artists’ works.